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The best restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a place of perfect harmony, where delicious food, exquisite wines and impeccable service, together with stylish and elegant ambience, create an amazing dining experience.



Restaurant Dubrovnik, which rests in a superb location minutes away from the main street Stradun, on a beautiful authentic terrace surrounded by Dubrovnik majestic palaces, is a perfect place to crown your Dubrovnik dining experience.

Their chef is a young enthusiast who deconstructs traditional Mediterranean dishes and reconstructs them into heaven for your taste buds, using only fresh organic ingredients in the process.

Dubrovnik Restaurant is a place like no other and righteously holds a reputation of being ?something else?, something you must not miss, especially if you are a foodie in search of new exciting flavours. The ?Chef?s Tasting Menu? is especially inviting.



Exciting, innovative and breathtakingly delicious, would be closest to describing in words the dishes produced at sesame.

Operating for more than two decades, this family owned restaurant discreetly located on pile, just a short, easy stroll to the old city, is one of the rare dining-veteran places in the city, with a relaxed atmosphere, elegant yet laid back brasserie-style interior and accommodating staff that welcomes you with a warm smile.

The dining area spreads to a charming covered terrace overlooking the main road ideal for fine-weather lounging. The major emphasis in sesame is put on food and preparation. The owner and chef, marina ?ibert ercegovi?, a cordon blue grand diplome holder, makes no compromises when it comes to the art of cooking. Her kitchen deploys which ever ingredients and cooking styles she finds intriguing and worth offering to her guests.



Dubrovnik?s charming Italian eatery.

This charming little restaurant is the first spaghetteria which opened in Dubrovnik over 15 years ago, and it?s been a favourite Italian eatery both for locals and tourists ever since.

The atmosphere is casual and friendly, with a ?living room? sort of feeling, the interior is decorated to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable, and, having the chef Toni ?ani? not just cooking, but very often greeting the guests himself, only makes the whole ?feels like living room? effort more real.

Not only does Spaghetteria Toni offer a great variety of typical Italian dishes such as homemade pasta and gnocchi, but also other typical Mediterranean delicacies such as grilled calamari or fish, a good choice of antipastas and salads, delicious desserts and a great wine list.

Address: Nikole Bo?idarevi?a 14, Old City



Dubrovnik dining at its best.

Proto is a place of perfect harmony, where delicious food, exquisite wines and impeccable service, together with stylish and elegant ambience, create an amazing dining experience.

It is located in the heart of the Old City and features a stunning interior as wel as a charming and eclectic street seating area on the ground floor, plus a lovely more quiet terrace on the upper floor, surrounded by beautiful Dubrovnik palaces overlooking the ?iroka Street. The menu that shows off tradition and respect for gastronomical heritage was carefully created by Proto?s Chef Bo?ko Lonac. Even though the restaurant has built its reputation on time honouring fish recipes, Proto will also impress you with their great choice of vegetarian and meat dishes.

Address: ?iroka no. 1, Old City



Finest cuisine & elegance:

Restaurant 360º is a trendy and elegant place committed to presenting top-notch cuisine prepared by the finest ingredients, inspired by mediterranean flavours, influenced by local history and presented in a contemporary manner.

Chef ?piro Pavli? takes modern Mediterranean dining to a whole new level constantly experimenting with new techniques and recipes to keep their menu full of delicious selections and inventive combinations. Together with serving fabulous and profound food, 360º features an extraordinary wine and digestive cellar, open terrace with the most stunning view of the Old Dubrovnik Port, and über stylish atmosphere that can be found no where else in the city.

Adress: Sv. Dominika bb, Old City



Bosnian cuisine ? latest foodie trend:

Taj Mahal first started as a tiny venue in the Old City, where owners, a young married couple Edin and Edina, both from Bosnia, shared their passion for authentic Bosnian cuisine.

Their romantic vision of rich Bosnian flavours seemed to be contagious because in no time Taj Mahal became a favourite place both for locals and tourists, so a few years ago Edin and Edina decided on opening a second, much bigger restaurant at the Lero Hotel.

Their playful representation of Eastern European cuisine is based on fresh herbs, vegetables and meat. Of recently their ingenuity has been enhanced due to their new, much larger kitchen turning all the wonderful ideas they have into reality. Taj Mahal now stands as the Adriatic`s most genuine representation of Bosnian cuisine and lifestyle.

Addresses: nikole gu?eti?a 2, old city / iva vojnovi?a 14, hotel lero



Delicious food + old school manners + authentic ambience.

This well known restaurant, located in the heart of the Old City, surrounded by authentic Dubrovnik stone palaces and houses, is known as one of the most exquisite dining places in the area, where the food is delicious, the ambiance relaxed, and the rare ?old school? service is impeccable.

The menu of Steakhouse Domino is very rich, offering delicacies typical for Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on steaks and seafood. The most attractive feature is by far al-fresco dining, perfect for warm summer nights although the air-conditioned area inside is just as interesting, decorated in the spirit of the region.

Address: ulica od domina 3, old city



Where tradition meets elegance.

The elegant ambience of the kazbek restaurant, located on the ground floor of the building, featuring a breathtaking al-fresco dining area in the courtyard of this old dubrovnik aristocratic summerhouse, seems to be the perfect setting for a gastronomic presentation of croatian culinary culture.

Taking into consideration that the cuisine of our country ranges from typical light Mediterranean to slightly heavier continental, Kazbek?s chef created a menu that reflects all these various influences and distinctive regional qualities, so dining at Kazbek?s, whether it is in their elegantly decorated interior or outside on their courtyard terrace surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery, is an occasion to experience some of the rich gastronomical heritage of our country, in the historical ambience of the Kazbek restaurant.

Address: lapadska obala 25, dubrovnik



Pleasant atmosphere, with an amazing view!

Posat is an evergreen dining place where food is like a time-machine taking us back to our parents? time, awakening all those long forgotten senses and tasting like something our grandmother used to make.

The service is old-school, waiters are dressed elegantly, with impeccable manners and friendly attitude, always making sure the dining experience at Posat is pleasant and relaxed for every guest.

In addition to good eating, Posat is also famous for its perfect location at the entrance to the Old City, overlooking the majestic City Walls. If you desire to experience Dubrovnik dining to its fullest, a visit to this charming venue is a must.

Address: Uz posat 1, Pile, Dubrovnik